Vision by Ryan O’Meara

Vision By: Ryan O’Meara, Advanced Care Paramedic Paramedicine is an amazing profession, and is always changing. You can have incredibly rewarding experiences that leave a lasting sense of positive energy one minute, only to end up humbled and emotionally trashed the next. I sit here writing this having just had one of the latter. I’ve […]

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Post Traumatic Growth

In most martial arts there exists a system of belts. Students begin as a white belt and progress thru a series of colors until they reach the level of black belt. The belts are a metaphor for the journey of life. We start out in life as a white belt. This represents who at our […]

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Sparking: staying connected after trauma

What will you see when you look back? Some years ago I met an elderly woman who asked me that question. She had recently left her husband of 40 years. Her husband had abused her physically and mentally from the onset of their relationship. She described to me that the worst part of what he […]

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