Determining the impact of a residential retreat program on PTSD and Moral Injury in active duty personnel and veterans

This poster was presented at the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies Forum in Boston in 2019. It shows the preliminary results of the University of Alberta’s study funded by the Family and Wellbeing fund of the Canadian Ministry of Veterans Affairs.

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Project Trauma Support (PTS) offers active duty personnel and veterans who haveĀ  experienced PTSD and Moral Injury an opportunity to process traumatic events, acquire skills, find meaning & purpose, and both repair damaged relationships and form new ones.

To examine the impact of participation in the PTS program on

  1. Reducing symptoms of OSIs, PTSD, and MI
  2. Facilitating reprocessing of traumatic experiences,
  3. Enhancing well-being and quality of life,
  4. Improving relationships

Source: Download the original poster