Ketamine: The Psychedelic Journey

Ketamine, like all psychedelics, is a vehicle that allows us to face our suffering and change our relationship to it.

It can transport a person’s consciousness to another, more mystical realm where more liberal possibilities and perspectives are revealed. The constraints imposed by one’s ego are lifted. The usual defenses and paradigms are brushed aside and more vulnerable parts of one’s personality are allowed to emerge.

The stimulation of oxytocin receptors that allows for deep interpersonal connection can flood a person’s consciousness with a sense of understanding, empathy, and forgiveness. This allows a more generous reassessment of other’s offensive past behaviours and intentions.

Ketamine can remove doubts and enforce determination and resolve. It can make a person much less self-conscious, and less influenced by the judgements of others.

Not infrequently, a psychedelic experience can bring a person face to face with some consciously or unconsciously suppressed memories or demons that have been haunting them. While this can be quite disconcerting and even terrifying, the altered state also provides some new psychological resources that give the opportunity for new processing and resolution.

The psychedelic journey can allow a person to take back their power to make the necessary changes that lead to more successful endeavours, more satisfying relationships, and improved overall life fulfilment.