The way of the Samurai

Hey guys,

While I was under the Ketamine, I saw a Samurai.

In the jobs we all did we were brainwashed into thinking that in order to do this we had to be a certain way, follow made up codes and heaven forbid if you screwed up……

The Samurai was one of the most brainwashed professions of all; so many rules and traditions they had to follow.

If they messed up, they had to fall on their sword…. in other words, kill themselves.

I don’t doubt that many of us have found themselves in a state where at one time or another, because of the job we were doing, ending it all made sense. I now I thought about it every day.

If the Samurai refused to fall on their sword but to walk away instead, they were stripped of the title and “honor “. They were then called a “Ronin”.

The Ronin, as you can imagine, had a stigma attached to them, much like us with PTSD.

But when you think about it, the Ronin walked away from a life of violence and obeying a master that only used them. But remember, just because they left didn’t mean they couldn’t still do the things they had been trained to do.

A Ronin took everything he learned and everything he was trained to do out into the world and made it his own.

I got a RONIN tattoo to remind myself of this, and when I look at it I will also remember the 3 days I spent with you guys.

P.S. by walking away the Ronin lived 30 to 40 more years.